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Arma 3 Server Browser Version 2016.4.1.104

October 04, 2016

Arma Browser is a launcher program for the game Arma 3. It helps you to find Arma III multiplayer server without starting Arma3 before and join your selected server with your installed addons.


updates supported

Arma Browser

The target of ArmaBrowser is, find and join arma 3 server as fast as you can!

  • share and download small addons
  • auto joining when server is full
  • display the recently played server, after program start
  • find ArmA3 installation folder
  • shows the installed Addons and if possible more information
  • shows all running ArmA3 Server listed in Steam with the current player names
  • easy filter for server and missions
  • preselect available addons if the server provides informations
  • remember the last selected addons of servers
  • No administrator needed for installation or playing

Version 2016.4.1.104 10.04.2016

  • support the new mod management of steam and Arma 3 Bohemia Interactive
  • only server up version 1.56 supported
  • Userinterface improvements

Version 0.8.0 18.08.2015

  • some improvements around addons
  • upload/share small addons (WEB server restrictions)
  • download addons
  • Userinterface improvements

Version 0.7.3 24.06.2015

  • some improvements around addons
  • The BattlEye Service starts along with Arma 3
  • Userinterface improvements

Version 0.7.0 18.03.2015

  • some improvements around Addons
  • First steps for an Addon manager

Version 0.6.8

  • add auto-joining when server is full
  • some improvements while getting the serverlist
  • Fix: if no server is selected and starting Arma3 without joining server
  • Installed Valve-Steam
  • Installed Arma 3 in Steam
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • .Net 4.5 Framework

updates supported

Arma 3 Server Browser is a launcher program for the game Arma 3.
It helps you to find Arma3 server without starting Arma 3 before. ist keine kommerzielle Seite und erwirtschaftet keine Einnahmen. Das Programm ArmaBrowser ist frei und kann frei kopiert und genutzt werden. Kontakt: is a nonprofit web site. The program ArmaBrowser is free and can be copied and used freely. Contact:

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