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File: CUP Weapons Pack 1.3 for Arma 3

Size: 975.15MB


Version 1.3 (25|10|2015)

General - Weapon Sounds revised
CUP_Weapons_L7A2 - increased rate of fire to match M240
CUP_Weapons_Evo - increased rate of fire
CUP_Weapons_L110 - sound config to match M249
CUP_Weapons_GrenadeLaunchers - 6G30 drum model editing
CUP_Weapons_DMR - Renamed "DMR" to "M14 DMR"
General - Changes to reload anims. Not perfect but better fitting.
CUP_Weapons_M60E4 - Volume editing

CUP_Weapons_G36 - adjusted konec hlavne memory point for all G36
CUP_Weapons_DMR - Zasleh in LOD 2 and 3
CUP_Weapons_VehicleWeapons - AGS30 Displayname
CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - RPG18 balistics

CUP_Wepons_AWM - G22 and 7.62x67mm Winchester Magnum Bullet
CUP_Weapons_G36 - Missing MG36 Holo variant
CUP_Weapons_Backpacks - German Medic Backpack
CUP_VehicleWeapons - various new weapons for Vehicles
General - CUP insignia arm patches

And a maaaaaaaany of other stuff we don't remember...
cup_weapons readme.txt
CUP Weapon Pack Version 1.3 (25-10-2015)


Please delete your existing @CUP folder before installing this. Do not try to unpack this over an 
existing installation. It is very likely that it will break something. 

If you are subscribing this from the workshop, make sure you remove @CUP from your addons list. In
the future, the weapons pack will always be called @CUP_Weapons. There is no @CUP anymore.

Please keep in mind that this pack is still very much WIP.

For more information on this pack, the Community Upgrade Project, or for contacting us, refer to our
web page at

Manual Installation

Copy this folder (@CUP_Weapons) to your "Arma 3" game folder. If you start the launcher, the addon
should appear as "CUP Weapons Pack 1.3" in your list. Simply check the box to load it with your 
game. To verify, go to the Virtual Arsenal and look for weapons like the AK-107.

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter any issues, please report your findings at our bug tracking system at

name = "CUP Weapons Pack 1.3";
picture = "logo_CUP_ca.paa";
actionName = "Website";
action = "";
logo = "logo_CUP_ca_small.paa";
logoOver = "logo_CUP_ca_small.paa";
tooltip = "Community Upgrade Project Weapons 1.3";
tooltipOwned = "Community Upgrade Project Weapons 1.3";
overview = "The Community Upgrade Project aims at importing all released assets from previous Arma games into Arma 3, upgraded to fit closely with the quality and standards of the ARma 3 assets. They're not a straight port, but individual items taken and upgraded to a new level. At the same time, CUP provides these assets as a resource for modders.";
author = "The CUP Team";
overviewPicture = "logo_CUP_ca.paa";
overviewText = "Community Upgrade Project Weapons Pack";
overviewFootnote = "";

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